Canadian Welsh Black Cattle

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Canadian Welsh Black Cattle Society

For Registrations, Memberships, Pedigrees and Society Fees Please Contact:

Canadian Livestock Records

2417 Holly Lane, Ottawa Ont. K1V 0M7

PH: 613-731-7110



From the web address above, you can download registration forms and view fee schedule. Once on the CLRC website go to associations, scroll down to the first one GS&HB, and then scroll down to fee schedule and or registration forms. Do not go to the Welsh Black Cattle forms or fee schedule, because they are no longer valid. It will take CLRC sometime to remove all our former forms from their website. If you have questions please call the number above.

Alternate Contact:

Arlin Strohschein

Box 546

Trochu, AB. T0M 2C0

PH/Fax: 403-442-4372